Sable & Rosenfeld Launches Ad Campaign Rebranding Their Cocktail Onions As Gamer Fuel

Put down those Doritos and dump that Monster Energy down the drain! Sable & Rosenfeld just launched a new ad campaign rebranding their cocktail onions as the ultimate gamer fuel. 

Available at any high-end specialty retailer or gourmet food shop for just $8.99, it looks like this 10.9-ounce jar of pickled pearl onions bathed in brine may soon reign supreme as the defacto snack for gamers. 

“Since our founding in 1970, Sable & Rosenfeld has always been a gaming-forward brand, and we’re pleased to announce our plan to take that to the next level by making these crunchy, sweet hors d’oeuvres the new king of hardcore gaming sustenance,” said the company’s founder and president Myra Sable, confirming a $400,000 endorsement deal with esports champion Ninja, who we imagine will be chowing down on a jar of Sable & Rosenfeld Cocktail Onions in future Fortnite sessions. 

“Whether you’re raiding in Elder Scrolls or hours-deep into a mission in Call Of Duty, our onions are the perfect, pop-able treat to turbocharge your gaming sesh,” Sable added. “And once you’ve eaten the whole jar, drink the brine. The intense flavor combo delivers the adrenaline kick you need to take your gaming to the next level.” 

So watch your back, Totino’s and Red Bull: Sable & Rosenfeld has laid down the gauntlet. But will hardcore gamers take up the call to make kosher cocktail onions the new “it” fuel to push them to gaming greatness? Only time will tell!