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Virtuoso Open Court

Set of 3 decks


$21 / set
($7 / deck)

B-stock decks have cosmetic faults affecting the tuck case — typically dings, edge creases, or mild tears. In short, they do not pass our quality checks as fit for general sale.

The good news? The cards inside the box are unaffected. They’re what you’d expect from regular Virtuoso OC decks Cardists use and love.

So if you’re the kind of Cardist who values using your cards over putting them on display? Then, at $7 a deck, these B-stock Virtuoso OC decks are a steal.

Best of all, get 4 sets (12 decks) or more, and you get free shipping too.

Please note:
These B-stock Virtuoso OCs are sold as-is, and are strictly non-refundable nor replaceable.

Due to logistical limitations, B-stock Virtuoso OCs are available only to the U.S. market.

Shipping Rates – USA

Due to high demand, please allow for increased processing time of 4–5 days before your order ships.

Delivers in 3–5 working days once shipped.

Deck Qty. Shipping Rate

1 – 2


3 – 6


7 – 11




Popular options:

2 Sets (6 decks)


3 Sets (9 decks)


4 Sets (12 decks)


Sorry, the Virtuoso Open Court decks are currently sold out.